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For computer service and repair in Reno Nevada, see the computer repair specialists at "The Computer Guy". Come by our office and get honest, straight forward help with your computer repairs, upgrades and virus removal. To reach us by phone, call (775) 829-2341.  We have been number one in Reno computer repair for over a decade!

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We also have been very popular in the Reno Computer Networks and the Reno Network administration arenas. Whatever your computer related issue, we can help! Get information on how to set up a home office network or how to make your office network more reliable and less complicated.

Don't want to bring in your computer? We have two ways to solve that problem!  We can remote in and fix your problem (as long as you can still access the Internet) or we have outside services reasonably priced!

At "The Computer Guy", we have been building, repairing, customizing and upgrading computers for well over a decade and attribute our success in business to keeping our customers satisfied and treating them as we would like to be treated. We service all makes of computers and we carry a variety of parts for all of your computer needs.
Add wireless networking to your home or office setup so that you can be free to roam around or lounge at your couch while working on your new book, surfing the Internet or accessing the office database from home through a secure connection.

We specialize in Web Design, including, web optimization for search engines, building websites, photography for websites, and all other aspects of website design and implementation.

Our philosophy (based on biblical principals) is to treat people the way we would want to be treated. From our home computer repair to our network administration, we put that principle first. Virus removal is another specialty at The Computer Guy. We can remove even the most stubborn of viruses and can clean the spyware and adware from your computer, too! Have you recently purchased a computer with Windows 8 only to be confused by how it looks? Bring it in and we can either tutor you on Windows 8 or install software to make it work like it once did! We sell new desktop and laptop computers with Windows 7 installed, which is much more familiar to most users upgrading from Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Remember, your computer’s best friend is The Computer Guy!
Please stop by and visit our new location at 1185 California Ave Suite G in Reno NV. You are sure to find us working on computers, fixing and repairing computers or going out to set up a network of computers. Data recovery is also a part of what we do. If you think your data is gone, don’t despair! Just bring your computer in to our computer repair shop so we can do the data recovery. We might surprise you in a very pleasant way!


Scammers Pose as FBI to Steal Money

Wyatt Soulam from The Computer Guy got a chance to talk to KOLO 8 about the FBI/Department of Justice ransomware virus that has been infecting computers in the recent months.

Watch Video: Scammers Pose as FBI to Steal Money

In the report Soulam said, "we have dealt with approximately 50-60 cases and variants of this particular threat since the beginning of the year." If you or someone you know has been a victim of this scam, DO NOT follow the directions on the screen. Instead bring it to the technicians at The Computer Guy who have the tools and experience to remove this and any other malicious software from your computer.

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